Magical Artefacts

Upcycled, Reworked, Vintage or New, all my pieces are Unique and will never be made again.

All pieces are handmade (by me) and comes with a certificate of Authenticity.


Who am i ?

Born in France in the 90s, i grew up with my two brothers watching Cartoons and playing Video Games all day.

As i grew up i started to get interested about Pop culture, Anime, Mythology... to list a few of my inspiration (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zelda, Sonic, Kirby...) but also Heroes and Monsters of all kinds, dragons, wizzards, fantastic creatures, magical swords and knights, basically everything about Dark Medieval Fantasy (Elden Ring, Dark souls, The Witcher).

My mission for this life is to provide Unique pieces to modern Knight, Wizzard and Fairies all accross the universe.

Please feel free to come chat with me @MithrilfromAgartha

Or drop me an email at